Role: Designer

Summary: For the third annual uXperience design camp, each team was presented with two problems that they had to choose from. The problem my team and I chose was "How might we drive high-quality talent and companies to the City of Stratford?" We had the next ten hours of the day to follow the five steps of the design thinking process and pitch our solution.

Tools used: Illustrator, Figma

Prototype link:

The day began with empathizing with our users. We did this by choosing the problem of driving high-quality talent to Stratford and conducting research around this. Once our team conducted secondary research, we quickly realized that there currently was no company or organization acknowledging this problem.


We then moved onto the "diverge" stage, where our team thought of multiple solutions.

My teammates and I thought it would be useful to form "how might we" questions to help us consider a variety of solutions.

We all agreed that we wanted to start an organization that connects digital artists with traditional artists in order to foster a stronger relationship between the two groups. Behind the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus is an abandoned warehouse called "The Cooper Site." Our plan was to use this space for our organization, as it was large, not being used and located directly behind our campus.

The idea of bringing digital artists and traditional artists together is also what inspired us to come up with the company name "Converge."


Time was limited, so our team jumped into designing our prototype and its assets. My job was to create assets and icons for the "spaces" page, as well as building portions of the prototype (the organization's website), while others wrote the website's content and designed logos.

Shortly after creating our prototype, our team tested it on different business mentors that were available throughout the day. We received a lot of positive feedback and a few recommendations for changes, such as using a calendar for the events section. After adjusting a portion of the website's features, we began preparing for the final pitch.

Our team did not end up winning the competition, but we learned a lot about design thinking and what it is like to work under a lot of pressure and fast deadlines. Overall, it was a very rewarding and fun experience!