Role: Graphic designer

Summary: The purpose of this infographic was to promote the Ontario Digital Service's brand new lab located at the Communitech Hub in Kitchener. The infographic was featured at the lab's official launch in August. It outlines the location of the lab, its main focus and cyclical user research process. The infographic features multiple design decisions that I made in order to advertise the lab's offerings to its full potential. I break down these design choices further below.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

First Iteration


ODS Lab Infographic first iteration (click to enlarge)

The top of the infographic begins with the name of the lab. The title has the largest font size to emphasize what is being advertised. Following the title is a map with a pin drop on Communitech's location. I did this to show where the lab is located in a visually appealing way.

The next section of the infographic features the lab's main focus by listing its key offerings.

The rest of the infographic outlines the 3 steps of the lab's cyclical user research process by breaking down each step in detail. Each section has an icon that represents each step of the design phase.

The final piece featuring a cycle with 3 steps are coloured based off of each section above. This cycle acts as a reminder that the ODS lab repeats this design process for as many times necessary until reaching the optimal solution for their clients.


Second Iteration

ODS Lab Infographic final iteration (click to enlarge)


In the final version of the infographic, I made a small handful of changes due to accessibility reasons. For example, the colour palette changed in the final version as the previous palette was not accessible for colour blindness. 

I also highlighted one word in each point to make the "How we can help" points stand out as that is the second most important piece of information.