Roles: Project lead, portfolio curator, content and social media strategist, persona creator

Summary: For a second-year course, my group and I had the task of re-designing the Stratford Police's entire website. This included the design of the texture featured within the site navigation, re-organizing the information architecture, re-branding their social media presence on Twitter and conducting usability testing to ensure our design was user-friendly for a wide audience.

Tools used: InVision, Hootsuite, Illustrator

Website prototype link:

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.01.34 PM.png

The image above is the main page of our re-designed version of the Stratford Police's website. My specific contribution to this section of the website was the information architecture. I sorted all of the necessary information and pages into six main tabs.

After conducting user research, it was found that record checks were in the top three search terms used on the website. Due to this commonality, I chose to place it as its own main tab. When conducting usability testing afterwards, we received a lot of positive feedback from the Stratford community.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.13.15 PM.png

Once the user has chosen a tab to explore, there are more options that fall under that category on the right. Once clicked, each option is highlighted yellow. I chose to do this as it brings a unique look to the page but is still easy to navigate for the user. 

Mockup Example.jpg

The above images feature the Stratford Police Service's re-designed Twitter presence. The header image for their profile is a friendly picture of some of the front-line police officers. I chose to include this photo as it shows the police as a united, friendly group. It is important for the community to feel as though they can approach the police without being intimidated.

The profile's description includes their location and mentions that their Twitter account is active 24/7 in case the public is ever looking for important information or breaking news.

The main profile photo features "SPS" (Stratford Police Service) with a yellow background. I chose this as the profile photo as it is consistent with the re-designed website's colour palette.

The "tweets" shown above are all written to be friendly and informative, as their social media presence is seen as informal enough that the public feel as though they are really connecting with the police when interacting with their Twitter account.

Once all project deliverables were completed, our team revealed our design and new social media strategy in a final pitch. The idea was well received and we were chosen to present our project in the Global Business & Digital Arts project showcase later that day.